One way to use your BB1M with MPHOnline!


My title sounds like an advertisement, but I am not paid to do this :P

I have found out recently that you can purchase books ONLINE from MPHOnline using your BB1M! (BB1M is Baucer Buku 1Malaysia, RM250 for this year! Wuhuu). 

I was browsing for books online (Not school books, astaghfirullah) -.-" and came across MPHOnline. 

A printed screen from mphonline
After choosing your desired books and putting them on the shopping cart, you need to choose your method of payment. And you will see an option to pay with your BB1M. 

And then you will need to enter your voucher numbers
*You will need to buy a minimum of RM100

If the amount is more than RM100, (say, RM105) you can pay the balance of RM5 when the Poslaju man comes! Poslaju will deliver your books and you have to give the vouchers to the man :) 


Hassle-free way to renew your passport.

My renewed passport!
Now I am on my way to preparing for my big trip!
I have recently renewed my passport. I was aware that the immigration is a battle-war place where the place would be a little too crowded and you will need to wait for quite a wile (two hours at least!). And as I was googling on other ways to renew your passport on the internet, I got to know that you can renew your passport ONLINE! 

Another reason for me to appreciate the Internet :)

If you do it the normal (classic) way, you will need to bring your IC and your old passport to the immigration. You will need to que (trust me, it is a VERY LONG que ALL DAY) to get the form and your number. After you have made payment and dropped your old passport, you will need to wait for a minimum of 2 hours for them to update your account. And then, you will need to go to a different counter and take another number, and wait for the number to be called when your passport is ready. 

It does not sound as complicated as it really is. The number of people will make you suffocated. Or maybe I am exaggerating but I can't stand being in a middle of a crowded place. Not anymore!

You can choose to do it manually as I have stated above or you can do it my way! :)

You need to have: Your old passport with you (to fill your passport number) and a soft copy of your passport photo.

  1. Go to :  https://eservices.imi.gov.my/myimms/myPassport?type=26&lang=en
  2. Enter your passport and IC numbers
  3. You will need to upload your photo
  4. Choose whether you want to renew for 2yrs (RM100) or 5yrs(RM300)
  5. You will also need to select which branch would you like to collect your new passport (I collected mine from the Shah Alam branch)
  6. Select payment (Credit card/FPX Debit) *Debit card service was temporarily out of order so I borrowed my mum's credit card
  7. You will need to print the receipt to avoid complications during the collection

You can pick it up in ONE HOUR!
I went to the Shah Alam Immigration yesterday. I was kinda lost with all the people so I asked at the reception counter. I was told to go to Counter 1 to collect my passport. I did not have to take a number! That's the best part :) As everybody was waiting for their numbers to be called at the counter, I went to the counter and asked. And they say to give a hard copy of my passport photo (because the one I uploaded was not clear enough, though it was the same picturer, LOL) and also my IC number. 

They will scan your thumb prints for security purposes. And then I needed to wait for another 30 mins (because of the unclear photo I uploaded) I went shopping for tudung to burn the calories and time (and money!) while waiting for the 30 minutes. And I went back and my passport was ready!

Easy peasy. That's why the Internet help you and me :P 

But it was this crowded, there was not space to walk and pass thru. I had to push around because people was not tolerating with my 'excuse me, aunty'


Twins of Faith 2012, from MY Point of View

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah :)

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in the Twins Of Faith 2012, alhamdulillah :) Iwas first introduced to this conference during the Being Me conference which I attended a few months ago. It was held in PICC so I figured it was easy for me to go, which Mama sent me and fetch me when it was over for the day. 
On the first day I registered at about 9.15am and I was given a wrist tag, the same one that you wear when you are admitted at the hospital. And one thing that strikes my mind is that you are admitted at the hospital in order to get better, then they will let you leave. 
My wrist tag!
to Twins of Faith, at the end of the day, inshaAllah we will be better than who we were before the two days of the conference :) Right? With Allah's will. 
I learnt so much from the conference which inshaAllah I hope I can blog about them. Learning from the last conference which I attended, I planned a few days earlier. I managed to get the program itinerary from the official website and so I managed to plan my time on which talk/workshop I should attend. 

I managed to attend most of the workshops which discussed about various topics; Sunnah diet, purifying the heart and mind, and also a talk on Ru'yah. My favourite was the one that I joined in the Marriage Corner, which was My Big Fat Sunnah Wedding :) 

Shopping? Mestilah :) But I was more interested in the small things. Bookmarks and little posters :) I bought some dakwah cards which I am planning to keep them to my own as reminders to myself :) 

These are the small posters I got from owhsomuslim.com :)
Pictures? I can never remember to take pictures. Tried to google some pictures but nothing caught my eye. (Tulah, lupa lagi kan? Padan muka). 

One of my favourite montage from the whole conference :)

I hope to write about what I learn soon. Stay tuned :)