Kuih Raya In The Making :)

It is 353am and here I am, up baking cookies. My oven is so small, I can only bake 15 cookies at a time. Banyak bersabar ye, Sara :) I'm so gonna have a big oven in my own house in the future, I see myself baking alot :P I have just finished baking ONE jar, I need to bake another few jars, HOORAY! 

Tomorrow is SPA day, wuhoo. Me and Mok is going for a body massage in Jalan Pinang. I'll snap pictures if I do remember :P 



Raya Raya

Boring gila title, Im dead bored at the moment. Its 359am and Im still up doing nothing. Hooray for me. Raya will be on next Tuesday or Wednesday, which is exactly a week away. Yet, I still have a lot to prepare for myself *blush* and the house and family. Since Im super duper bored, Imma list down everything. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Yup, that bored.

  • Baju raya belum digosok, tudung raya pepagi raya baru gosok.
  • Oh, satu baju raya belum siap.Jahit sendiri konon. Tudung raya tu belum ada. Tapi boleh di ada ada kan. 
  • Langsir raya belum dipasang, kena pinjam ladder jiran dulu. Ladder sendiri hilang, pelik kan?
  • Kuih raya, Mama minta saya membuat 2 lagi jenis kuih. Dah kalau kereta rosak, mcm mana nak membeli barangannyaaa? :/
  • Kasut raya? Malas lah. Penat nak jalan cari.
Me and Mok have been doing silly and spontaneous stuffs lately. Like going to the bundle store tiba tiba. We have a body spa appointment on Thursday, Jalan TAR on Friday. 

Bye, bored.


Plans for my 2wks of holidays?

I am currently on a holiday for two weeks :B So far, everything went well (I have only been home for 2 days) I had good times with my family, had my last berbuka puasa and sahur with baby Sister before she left for USA! Met a number of good friends, shared good laughs and chats and food and ice creams. I hope the rest will go multi fine, just as planned!

  • I need to finish my baju raya, which is supposed to be a surprise. But yeah, its not now. I'm planning to make my own baju raya :) I'm half way done!
  • I need to plan my money wisely now, since I am trying to fit in new things in my schedule :B Plus, I need to spend for Raya :p
  • Oh, and my no 1 mission is to finish making notes for T4, which I just started just now.
  • I was planning to go on a short holiday, but it doesnt look like its gonna happen anytime soon. 
  • DISCO SKATING with my siblings :)
Thats about it for now, will update more if I come out with more plans :p

Buka Puasa with dear STFians at Flaming Steamboat :)
From left, back row: Amie, Diran and Alien
Me, Id and YayaHani


Latest Updates!

  1. Baby Sister, Sabrina went off to Philadelphia today. A very sad moment, but she went for a brighter future, Amin. 
  2. Exams are OVER! 94 80 92 Ok la tu. I hope to keep this momentum going as fast as I can :) 
  3. A few days left of Ramadhan. I have a baju raya to finish.
  4. Just had a buka puasa reunion with dear STFians, and Id brought me to a nice ice cream treat!
  5. CAR CRASHED, dont ask more. It was not me who did it. So, no ride for the week (I hope)
Byebye, Not-So-Little-Sister-Anymore :P
You kiss, you pay :)



Yup, am having my finals for T2 tomorrow :) Its 437 in the morning and the paper is at 1130am. I woke up at 5pm today so basically I am not sleepy yet. I really hope I could make it tomorrow, lets just hope for the best. I just went down from Syira's room, and she showed me her Holga, and I find it quite interesting. Its not a complicated gadget, as I am not a high tech person. I do not work well with gadgets, I dont even explore my Blackberry much. The idea of having a lomo camera is fun. Pretty pictures which I can take through time and keeping them in an album. Not many keep albums these days. Believe me, I dont. So, having one and looking at it in the future sounds like an amazing thing. I MIGHT get one soon :) 
But, if you know me really well, as much as I do not work well with technologies, I handle money the worst. I splurge at ANYTHING. Anything includes paper clips and small plush toys. I hope to handle them better, theres no use if Im majoring in accounting but I cant even plan my spending. 
I am nervous. Tomorrow is the hardest paper for me. I'll be sad if I score lower than 80%, as Ive sacrificed my days for books. Not complaining, but this is it. That day, where the readings are graded. Im still doing some reading, I hope for help from Allah now. Tawakal. 

I'll update my results soon, Insya Allah.



  • I am almost finish with my first semester of CAT, just a couple of papers to go. And Alhamdulillah, so far I am doing well :)
  • Little Sister is leaving for the States next Saturday, which is 7 days from now.
  • I've managed to drop 14kilos for the past 4 months but now gained a couple of kilos :/
  • Alhamdulillah, life is getting back on track. No, I'm not talking about my love life.
  • I am making sure I'm not putting too much emotions on this one, as I hope to keep it long. 
  • And, am still needing cash as usual. I am still a sincere shopaholic

New again?

I think like I'm running from my past, it may look and sound that way. But, I'm starting fresh as I noticed the excess of emotions I've put in the previous blog :/ Well, hello!

I just thought of starting a new one, as I am real bored right at this moment. We'll see how far it'll last :)