Plans for my 2wks of holidays?

I am currently on a holiday for two weeks :B So far, everything went well (I have only been home for 2 days) I had good times with my family, had my last berbuka puasa and sahur with baby Sister before she left for USA! Met a number of good friends, shared good laughs and chats and food and ice creams. I hope the rest will go multi fine, just as planned!

  • I need to finish my baju raya, which is supposed to be a surprise. But yeah, its not now. I'm planning to make my own baju raya :) I'm half way done!
  • I need to plan my money wisely now, since I am trying to fit in new things in my schedule :B Plus, I need to spend for Raya :p
  • Oh, and my no 1 mission is to finish making notes for T4, which I just started just now.
  • I was planning to go on a short holiday, but it doesnt look like its gonna happen anytime soon. 
  • DISCO SKATING with my siblings :)
Thats about it for now, will update more if I come out with more plans :p

Buka Puasa with dear STFians at Flaming Steamboat :)
From left, back row: Amie, Diran and Alien
Me, Id and YayaHani

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