Yup, am having my finals for T2 tomorrow :) Its 437 in the morning and the paper is at 1130am. I woke up at 5pm today so basically I am not sleepy yet. I really hope I could make it tomorrow, lets just hope for the best. I just went down from Syira's room, and she showed me her Holga, and I find it quite interesting. Its not a complicated gadget, as I am not a high tech person. I do not work well with gadgets, I dont even explore my Blackberry much. The idea of having a lomo camera is fun. Pretty pictures which I can take through time and keeping them in an album. Not many keep albums these days. Believe me, I dont. So, having one and looking at it in the future sounds like an amazing thing. I MIGHT get one soon :) 
But, if you know me really well, as much as I do not work well with technologies, I handle money the worst. I splurge at ANYTHING. Anything includes paper clips and small plush toys. I hope to handle them better, theres no use if Im majoring in accounting but I cant even plan my spending. 
I am nervous. Tomorrow is the hardest paper for me. I'll be sad if I score lower than 80%, as Ive sacrificed my days for books. Not complaining, but this is it. That day, where the readings are graded. Im still doing some reading, I hope for help from Allah now. Tawakal. 

I'll update my results soon, Insya Allah.

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