I am currently in my second semester, and I hope this will be the last semester for this course, Insya Allah. A week has passed and so far, everything is running smoothly as planned. Oh, except the fact that I do not have a car right now. RapidKL and TouchNGO are my best friends now. 
I am currently taking three new subjects and one old one. I only hope last semester's momentum will be maintained. 

Bored, bye!

I love my space/territory in the room. I have everything I need.

My Precious

Aren't they the cutest and sweetest and most precious
grandparents in the whole wide world?

My dearly Atok and Wan, the couple of the year since the Malayan Union days *I have no idea when* . But they are the reason why I am as tough as I am now. I found this picture from Mama's Facebook. Rindunyaaaaaaa. They are currently at my house babysitting baby brother while Mama is out of town. Sadly, I have no car to go home, and classes are really packed. Nope, I'm not making excuses. I will never avoid seeing them! 

Wan & Atok, you guys are missed :(


RAYA! This is a pictorial post.

Little Sister having her Raya in Philadelphia
with her friends.

An Instagram shot of all 4 of us from Malaysia.
This is Baby#1,
which name cannot be recalled.  
Baby#1 being a little sweetheart.
With dear cousins and Atok in blue :)
From left: moi, Noin, and Kiah.
Haiqal at the back!

Mama and Amir.

This is Baby Fawwaz,
he is a true lover.
Super cute!

This is Dayana!

Me, Noin and Kiah taking a break
from our work in the kitchen :P
Me and Noin, at Cik Ala's place 

Baby Fawwaz again,
we are attached!