I have practically a few hours to go before my T4 trial exams (3 x 24hrs - a few hrs) --> less than 72 hours to go. Here I am, having my pre-exam syndrome, being sleepy and lazy 24/7.All I do is sleep and lie down, day dreaming and (sleep dreaming?) 
I tried opening my books and managed to do a few questions before I continue my beauty sleep. Hooray? YES, I AM STRESSED OUT. This affects my appetite too, which is the first time in my whole life that I am not eating because I don't feel like it.  
I've been thinking about this loss of appetite I am currently facing and trying to figure out the causes:
  • There are not many choices of food I have here in UiTM. 
  • Due to the not-existence of my baby car 
  • The oily and un-tasty food they sell in DC. 
  • Plus, the malfunction of the elevators in the faculty which means I need to climb down and up again, a minimum of 7floors makes me even lazier to go find lunch. 
  • *love*sick 
  • My jeans are tight now
Why am I so rajin to write right now? Because I am not supposed to. Because I am supposed to be studying right at this minute :)

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