Toodles, T4!

Mr Baldhead

Danial forced me to study, so here we are in Old Town Section 7,
playing with the webcam :)
Toodles T4!
Finally, I am done with 4 papers :) So far, everything is looking real good. I am now on a week of holiday, and I was just done with a week of study leave (but, it was more like a holiday?).
I was so scared before trials, because I forgot most of everything on the subject so I was straining my eyes on books for days and nights. Alhamdulillah, I managed to get the highest score during trials. But, like what Puan Anisah told me, it was not good enough, she was expecting a higher score :S So, after trials we had a study week which I had no idea what to do since I've finished doing the past years' exam questions before the trials.  I was not 100% confident, I was just plain lazy. One day I was lying on the bed the whole day, and watch movie on the laptop. 
Alhamdulillah, I managed to get 94% for the finals :) I am the most happiest person with my own result, and I really hope to keep on scoring. If you know bad I was doing before, you would be happy for me too :) Making my parents smile again after how bad I made them feel is the best feeling ever! 
Next is the IES final exam on Monday. Well, it's Wednesday already. And bless my Ustaz for breaking his promise. He was supposed to upload the notes 2 weeks ago, and it is still not there till today! HOORAY! 
I'm going home today, till Sunday. I am supposed to babysit baby brother for the weekend since Mum will be away to Sabah. 

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