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Exam mode is on, 
Sorry for not updating. 


Blogger Challenge #5

The most amazing thing that ever happen to you? 

There are a lot of things that I have never expect to happen to myself, but they did. Some are very surprising, and some may be very heart-wrenching. 

But, the most amazing thing that have ever happened to me recently (so far), is the second chance of continuing life, and correcting my path of life. 

(Bunyi macam teruk dan overrated, tapi memang teruk dan tak overrated.)



I am blog-browsing again (when I am supposed to study, AGAIN). I went across naf's blog, which she did an entry about herself for Ujang who is making reviews on other blogs on his blog (panjangnya ayat, fuhh). So, here is mine!
Hello, Ujang. Saya Sara, Sara Amelia. 
Saya baru mula rajin berblog semula kerana saya selalu kebosanan. 
Blog saya mengandungi entri-entri yang telah dirojakkan bahasanya. 

Kepada Ujang, 
Anda sudah mengambil masa stadi saya ni. 
Terima kasih kerana mengisi masa kebosanan saya.
Blog anda menarik (bodek)
Ajak semorang follow gua :B

Blogger Challenge #4

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

This is not an easy question, but not that tough either. But, its not easy for me to decide ONE place that I really wanna live in. My whole life, I have always dream to go all around the world. Snowball fights, especially. I've never experience that. 

(membebel-bebel, lupa diri)

Okay, hmmmmmmm. 
Anywhere in the world?

I was born and raised (for unknown reasons,) to be a very critically hopeless, romantic . My imagination drives me crazy, even I cannot handle it myself. I will always wish and dream to have the life of those you see in the movies. It's fantasy, but it's not impossible :) Right? Talking about places, countries, anywhere in the world. I would prefer to go anywhere where you can breathe and live happily, at least the happiest you can. Let me list down my dream places (excited!)

You should know by now that I have a guilty-pleasure kinda obsession towards a boy.
Don't make them send me to court, but I like Justin Bieber.
So, I might as well live in Ontanio, Canada where he lives :B
(Angan2 Mat Jenin je)

Starbucks Sunday; Damn, some people are so weird.

I had the Xmas promotion, Toffee Nut Frap :B

Today is Sunday. 
I am damn sleepy, I had a short 2hr sleep last night. 
Today I am getting new roommates.
So, I don't wanna face the hustle.

I was there for 5 full hours. 
Rajin kan? 

There were many who came by to get their coffee, some were studying there like myself. 
But, some were quite weird (or maybe too weird) as they were doing things, unusual stuffs. 


We have a new braceface in the family!

Sabrina had her steel teeth days before, and now its someone else's turn. Who? 


How To Make A Guy Cry?

 Its not an easy task, at least for me.


(Most) Guys around me tend to be extreme egoist even if with those who they (claimed to) love very much. I don't see why you should act that way, sometimes those drops of tears make hearts melt (real bad). But, never too much, you're not a baby! 
There are a few ideas I can in this genius brain of mine; some may not work, but some are are more aggressive which I can assure you they will make those precious tears of a so-called macho masculine man drop! 

Well, let'see if these ideas would help! :P You can try on any guy (not a baby, please) and PLEASE TELL ME IF THEY WORK!

Is he a true devoted gamer, who sits in front of the screen when he can make use of the day?
BURN/HIT/STEAL/KICK/DESTROY/SMASH(Insert any bad word) it.


When I am supposed to be studying,

Here I am, doing this survey. I found it on Farhah's blog.
Since I am so lazy right now, might as well I answer each Q with a photo!

1. Which one would you do; skydiving or bungee jumping?


Blogger Challenge #3

If you only could have one wish, what would it be?

A wish?
An object? A desire? A silent prayer?
(Jap. *google*)

Wiki says: A wish is a hope or desire for something.
Answer says:  A wish is something desired or longed for.
Cinderella says: A wish is a dream your heart makes.

Things To Do Instead Of Studying

Plants vs Zombies
Go buy CoolBlog
Watch a movie on the laptop
Shape eyebrows
Clip and buff nails
Look out the window and laugh at random people
Make some coffee
Look for new awesome songs
Look through my closet and tomorrow's outfit
Wash the coffee cup
Make Maggi
Make more coffee
Blog browsing
Watch another movie
Find something to munch
Found some tidbits
Munch on tidbits
LOOK at the books beside me
Continue watching movie while munching tidbits
Text friends
Call little brother
Annoy little brother
Write on blog
Again, YouTube
Feed cats outside my room
Sleep time

Blogger Challenge #1

Introduce yourself. 
(In how ever much you want, nobody really gives a damn)
Or in Amelia's point of view,
Dig into your laptop, Facebook, external hard disks for the ass-smacking photos of yourself.

Different people define me with different definitions and remarks.
You may know me as a famous boyfriend stealer,
or the cursing machine.
I cant even remember when was the last time I wrote about myself, in detail. But here we go :b I hope to make it as simple as possible (with photos yang panas dan berapi)

Paling panas dan berapi yang saya jumpa 


Blogger Challenge

I was blog-browsing thru Blogger just now, and I came across classmates of mine's, Izyan's and Anisah's blogs. Read through (I'm so freeeee, its's a Saturday!) and in Izyan's blog she made entries on this Blogger Challenge, which I think her friend created. And since I'm so freeeeee (and lazy) I'm just gonna join. Basically, I'll just need to answer and explain my answers to some very very simple questions, and the whole point is just some ideas about what you can blog about :) Anybody can join, click on the link above for more info. And, I'll start later today! 
And it's time for Forecasting (fake-happy-face, fake-wheeee). Happy Saturday!


Plants vs Zombies

Hobi masa lapang ke 456789, main Plants vs Zombies, walaupun sebenarnya dah habis. Selalunya, akan main selepas makan. Time tu perut dan kepala dan hati tak boleh terima buku dan calculator. Jadi, main game sampai hati dah terbuka.
Tengok, dah dapat gold trophy :P



Apa saya belajar daripada blogging:

  • Perlu rajin update
  • Perlu rajin mengambil gambar dan video sebagai bukti dan bahan penambah interesting
Sara Amelia:
  • Tak alert dengan keadaan sekeliling
  • Jadi, selalu tak ambil gambar
  • Takde camera, handphone je ada
  • Handphone selalu takde battery
Letak gambar google dari Internet boleh?
Tapi, macam kurang menarik.


Random ?

Hello, I just wanna upload some photos from me phone :B
Amir Hakim, with Ikea meatballs gravy.


Lets think, or you help me think. For me. I dont have a good planning for myself, as compared to last semester. So, since I'm sooooooooooo lazy to study. Help me to list down my targets and aims, for now:

My short term targets:

  • Amelia kena siapkan notes FAB sampai chapter yang dah belajar (Chapter 7) Dateline: 2 weeks from today 25/11
  • Amelia kena siapkan notes FFA ; untuk chapters baru yang tak pernah belajar lg. Dateline: sama mcm FAB
  • FMA pun sama, sila keep track balik apa yang dah ketinggalan. Dateline: sama jugak. 
  • In easy words, I need to get back on track with all the 3 subjects in 2 weeks time. 
(Sara Amelia, trials awak bila?) Jawapan dia: Taktau. So, sila check cepat sebelum terlambat. Dan tanam dalam kepala jangan lupa sampai mati. 

Long term aims (tak berapa long):
  • Trials dan Finals markah 80lebih, takde alasan. 90 lebih baik. 
Bye, this is a very boring entry.


Wanna Be On Top?

America's Next Top Model.

This is the only TV Show I still keep up after 17 cycles.
And I think this week's challenge is my favourite and different.
They had to make their own songs and music videos.
They were good, and some songs were actually sing-able and you would want them to be on your playlist!

My favourites are Allison and Laura. Click on their names to see their music videos :)

This is Allison, before ANTM.



Monday, I was not feeling very well.  But, I was not sure how bad it was. I woke up with a bad headache but I still managed to wake up and get ready for class so I assumed I can make it to my classes that day. I was down with fever the day before but with some Panadols I felt better.
I was already late for class. In the elevator, it was very very stuffy as usual. I took my hand fan out and started to get myself for some air. Suddenly, my eyes blacked out. Ergh, thank God I managed to grab on Syira before I passed out. We were a few floors away before it reached Level 14. I've gone pale. I can't feel my fingers and I was sweating like crazy. I sat by the hallway, can't get my feet to walk to class. I was terribly weak!
At that point, I was not sure what I should do. So, I called my Mum and told her about it. I was not sure how bad was my condition. Mama came to the rescue! and brought me to see the doctor. So, as usual I played Tetris  on my phone while waiting for the nurse to call my name.

Apabila Aircond Kereta Rosak

I got my car back! But, the air conditioner is busted. And because I self-claim myself to be sensitive of the hot weather, I do not drive during the day. And a few things I am now aware of:

  • I have a fan (kipas sendiri) in my car in case I cant stand the heat
  • Lorries really produce the loudest most annoying sounds on the road
  • People cant hear you eventhough how loud you scream and swear (never knew its that loud outside, I swear a lot when I drive)
  • NEVER drive behind a lorry which carries living cows. Trust me, the smell will not go away