Monday, I was not feeling very well.  But, I was not sure how bad it was. I woke up with a bad headache but I still managed to wake up and get ready for class so I assumed I can make it to my classes that day. I was down with fever the day before but with some Panadols I felt better.
I was already late for class. In the elevator, it was very very stuffy as usual. I took my hand fan out and started to get myself for some air. Suddenly, my eyes blacked out. Ergh, thank God I managed to grab on Syira before I passed out. We were a few floors away before it reached Level 14. I've gone pale. I can't feel my fingers and I was sweating like crazy. I sat by the hallway, can't get my feet to walk to class. I was terribly weak!
At that point, I was not sure what I should do. So, I called my Mum and told her about it. I was not sure how bad was my condition. Mama came to the rescue! and brought me to see the doctor. So, as usual I played Tetris  on my phone while waiting for the nurse to call my name.

Nurse: Adik sakit apa?
Me: Emm, tadi saya pitam kat dalam lif.
Nurse: Kita check blood pressure adik dulu ye.
Me: Okay.
Nurse: Kenapa laju sangat ni?
Me: Huh?
Nurse: Adik demam ke? *letak alat pengecheck dalam telinga*
Me: Emm, tak. Dah baik. Semalam demam.
Nurse: Dah baik? Kenapa 39.6 degrees ni???

Me: Wah, tingginya. Saya demam?
Nurse: Check lg skali dik. Awak biar betul. Eh, memang demam teruk ni dik. Dah berapa hari?
Me: Emm, start demam hari Sabtu.
Nurse: Adik pegi bilik sana, pegi buat blood test. Dah 3 hari. Takut denggi.

Then only I know that I was having a very high fever. And only then I feel terribly sick! The doctor said I had some bacteria in my blood, causing the fever to be very high.

Sekarang dah sihat! :)

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