Blogger Challenge #1

Introduce yourself. 
(In how ever much you want, nobody really gives a damn)
Or in Amelia's point of view,
Dig into your laptop, Facebook, external hard disks for the ass-smacking photos of yourself.

Different people define me with different definitions and remarks.
You may know me as a famous boyfriend stealer,
or the cursing machine.
I cant even remember when was the last time I wrote about myself, in detail. But here we go :b I hope to make it as simple as possible (with photos yang panas dan berapi)

Paling panas dan berapi yang saya jumpa 

Sara Amelia binti Nooraslan
Everybody calls me Sara
only some from STF call me Mel (dont ask why)
Only my BM teacher from school called me Amelia.

Sara, 7 y/o
Sara, 1 y/o
Sara, with my grandma!

27th February 1989
22 y/o
Born in KL
Currently staying in Putrajaya,
with Mama and my annoying but lovable siblings.

Studying in UiTM Shah Alam
And I am only half way through :)
I took my Foundation in Engineering
And jumped to Architecture which I did not managed to finish
(Again, dont ask why)
So, that explains why I am still taking my foundation at the age of 22
So far, I manage to divide my time for my familia, friends and books. 
And some time for myself.
That's good enough for me, for now. 

What else should I write here?
(Perah otak sampai kering)

Sara Amelia enjoys:
Surfing the net (duhh)
Nasi Ayam Pak Mal
I might just enjoy whatever that's tasty and delicious (I think)
Caffeine (like, a lot!)
Sometimes, I read some Jodi Picoult
Baking! Whenever I feel like making some muffins and cupcakes

Furry squishy animals! 
My best examples:
Hello, I'm Mochi. 
Hello, I'm Tina.
I died, because I was too fat and adorable.
 500 Days of Summer
The Notebook
Terra Nova

Its clear I'm more into smooth soothing songs.
Oh, and Justin Bieber
No favourite colours, 
No favourite outfits or brands, 
No favourite ass smacking hangout place,
I'm not picky (I think?)
I'm just, plain random
This random
And this.
The walls in my room.
The damn hibiscus are pink.
I don't really bother about what other people think about me. 
Like, really.
As long as I'm happy and no one annoys me, 
I'm fine the way I am right now. 
And I don't bother about whatever you wanna do with your life, 
As long as you don't mess with mine. 
I'm fine that way too. 
As for now, I'm hoping to do my best for some good results
For exams
As I don't see any other choice I have for a good future

I think that's about it. 

I lied.
Ni gamba paling panas dan berapi. 

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