Blogger Challenge #5

The most amazing thing that ever happen to you? 

There are a lot of things that I have never expect to happen to myself, but they did. Some are very surprising, and some may be very heart-wrenching. 

But, the most amazing thing that have ever happened to me recently (so far), is the second chance of continuing life, and correcting my path of life. 

(Bunyi macam teruk dan overrated, tapi memang teruk dan tak overrated.)

I kinda screwed up my life, real bad. I never gave my full attention at what I was supposed to. Instead, I was very busy having my "time of my life" and enjoying it to the fullest. Sounds very cliche, but that is what was happening (ayat berbelit)

I never had my goals straight. In fact, I didn't have any goal. I was just going with the flow I chose, which drove me to the darkest days of my life. 

(Macam tragik sangat kan?) Okay lah, mcm ni. 

I think of myself as being lucky that I achieved to get straight A's for my SPM, as I didn't study much during that time. I was pretty lazy. If you know me back then, you'll know. So, from there, it was pretty easy to apply to whatever courses I wanna continue in university. At that time, I chose to pursue in Engineering

BLABLA, and then..

I was 19, and I was an Architecture student. It was like a dream come true, and I had the best time ever. Classes were great, friends were pretty awesome. And me, I was very very happy. I was trying to keep up with the trend and friends, when I was supposed to keep up with my work.
I screwed everything. I've reached the point where I couldn't save my life with architecture anymore. It was too late. And after 3 years with architecture, I just had to quit. 

My mum was not convinced that it was the best decision, she didn't know that I was doing real bad. (Since I acted like everything was A OK.)

Yadda yadda, Blablabla.

So, here I am. I can never thank God this much for giving me this chance to be accepted as a student again. Yea, I'll graduate much later than my peers but this thing happened because of my own mistakes.

Let's just hope everything will turn the way I hope it will. Since I am way older (and mature, I hope) than the rest of my classmates, I hope I can do better than them, or at least catch up with my studies. This is my last chance after all. 

(Boring kan post ni? Sebab panjang sangat)

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