How To Make A Guy Cry?

 Its not an easy task, at least for me.


(Most) Guys around me tend to be extreme egoist even if with those who they (claimed to) love very much. I don't see why you should act that way, sometimes those drops of tears make hearts melt (real bad). But, never too much, you're not a baby! 
There are a few ideas I can in this genius brain of mine; some may not work, but some are are more aggressive which I can assure you they will make those precious tears of a so-called macho masculine man drop! 

Well, let'see if these ideas would help! :P You can try on any guy (not a baby, please) and PLEASE TELL ME IF THEY WORK!

Is he a true devoted gamer, who sits in front of the screen when he can make use of the day?
BURN/HIT/STEAL/KICK/DESTROY/SMASH(Insert any bad word) it.

" When he sees the one thing he loves, in pain, he will cry. " - Anonymous
Tell me about it. 

Is he bring a dick for not listening when you're (excitedly) telling him about your day?
This is funny, but actually it is an automatic
response when you pluck your nose hair.

Ahh, the beauty of written words.
Some hearts are never true with verbal words (Trust me, I've been through this a lot.)
Try to write those deep meaningful words-which-can-make-guys-cry.
One reason is that they can read them with their preferable intonations which satisfy them. 
But this is not promising, at all.  

MOVIES that will touch a man's heart (?)
I googled it on the net, and I found a few. But I don't know if they work. 
I've never seen a guys cry for watching a sad movie. 
But, it's not a crime for trying right? :B
Brian's Song
Saving Private Ryan
My Life
Tuesdays With Morrie
Big Fish
Titanic (?)
The Deer Hunter
Longtime Companion
Metal Gear Solid 4

Is it normal if a grown man hugs a plush toy in bed? He might have one since he was a boy. 
Wanna see him cry (and perhaps, die)?
HIDE/THROW it away. 

Your man/brother/father is not being helpful with preparing dinner?
Make him chop ONIONS!

HURT their feelings (?)
People say, men cry when you hurt their feelings.
Me? I never understand them. 
I need examples!
These are a few I found on the net:
"You're a bad son, I pity your mum"
"You're not earning enough"
"Your hair's falling, a lot"
"Bald spot!"
"Your balls are too small"

Nothing works? Then we'll just do it the old way;
100% guarantee!

Tell me your feedback! 


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