Starbucks Sunday; Damn, some people are so weird.

I had the Xmas promotion, Toffee Nut Frap :B

Today is Sunday. 
I am damn sleepy, I had a short 2hr sleep last night. 
Today I am getting new roommates.
So, I don't wanna face the hustle.

I was there for 5 full hours. 
Rajin kan? 

There were many who came by to get their coffee, some were studying there like myself. 
But, some were quite weird (or maybe too weird) as they were doing things, unusual stuffs. 

One Arabian lady who was sitting in front of me was busy with her laptop and had her earphones plugged in her ears. AND, she was singing to some Arabic songs out loud. Loud enough that I can hear her well. She was so into the music, she was moving (her head, especially) to the song.

Two Datins were sitting on the couch behind me. I think they are Datins  from the way they talk (and Coach handbags, uuhhhh) They both were using a laptop each and were busy discussing about some business stuffs, I guess. Someone asked them if they could use the plug too, but they said NO. 
HELLOO? Battery laptop tak full2 ke? They've been sitting there for hours. And they were not being considerate at all. 

It started to rain, and more people came inside as it was the perfect weather for a hot drink. A Chinese couple went inside, they were wet. 
The husband went to buy the drinks, and guess what the lady was doing. 
SHE WAS CLIPPING HER NAILS, in the coffee shop. 
You know that nail clipping sound, which is not very pleasing when you're in a cafe.
That's what happening. 
I think it's weird. 

I just wanted to share my Sunday. That's about it. I am now in my room with my new roommates. 
And I really need my nap, more stuffs I need to finish studying tonight!

Kenny G and coffee, what a bliss.

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