When I am supposed to be studying,

Here I am, doing this survey. I found it on Farhah's blog.
Since I am so lazy right now, might as well I answer each Q with a photo!

1. Which one would you do; skydiving or bungee jumping?

2. What is the worst movie that you've ever seen?

3. Chocolate or vanilla?

4. What does your dream guy looks like?

5. Have you ever had any crush on any of your classmates now?

6. Beach or garden wedding?

7. One song that describes you in person.

8. The sweetest thing that anyone has ever said to you?

9. Sam Tsui or Boyce Avenue?

10. Which is better; school or university life?

11. In one word photo, describe how you feel now.

12. What do you think of Malay film?

13. Have you ever think of dying your hair?

14. Who is your ultimate crush?

15. Your current favourite colour?

16. Have you ever tell someone that you love him?

17. How many online accounts do you have?

18. Justin Bieber or Joe Brooks?

19. Where would you go for your honeymoon?

20. If you're not taking accounting, what course would you take?

Thank you for viewing :)

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