You don't need to be creative to do creative stuffs :)

I was browsing thru the net, as always. And today, I came across some pretty nasty stuffs, pretty pretty awesome stuffs you can do yourself (DIY!). I have always love DIY stuffs, even though some didn't turned out so good. This are some things I think worth to be shared with everyone. I haven't tried them yet but will soon, when I have the time to do so!

1. Crayon Melting
Wicked stuff right? Looks pretty easy to me. Another way to make decorations for your room, also for greeting cards etc :) This is how you do it:

2. Pin-hole art!
Very easy right? Just pin some holes on a paper and make anything you want, 
Try to follow this picture and see if it turns out as pretty as this! :)
(p/s: I have this thing with small dots like this, it's like a mini phobia. So, I am closing the picture with my hand when I am typing this)

3. Make them frames go BLINGBLING
Sizzle up your room/house/gifts with this easy art :) 
Wooden frames are boring, they're for old people :P
I am totally gonna try this for my room!

4. Lace Up Your Living Room

The trick is to use a balloon! :) 
I told Mum I wanna try this, but she's on the dangling chandelier team.
You can make a candle pot, and a pretty ceiling light!
 Or anything that's round, emmm a potpourri case? 

5. Little Cute Tulle Pompoms
Tulle is pretty easy to find, this fabric which is usually use to make ballet tutu skirts.
Kamdar has them, and there are a wide variation of colours you can choose from!
This can be a cheap party decorations!
You don't need to buy expensive party decors from the party shop anymore.
Hang them in your room, they make perfect room decors.
Pretty doable eyh? You don't need to be gifted to do these :P
I have more, and I will share with you soon! 

VOTE, a way to voice your opinions.

Dengan bangganya, saya telah disahkan sebagai seorang pengundi untuk Pilihanraya yang akan datang!

Kalau korang dah daftar, sila check tempat mengundi
anda di website SPR :)
Are you a responsible citizen of this country? 
If you're answer is yes (or yup/yea/ya/yuppie, etc.),
Then please participate in the Pillihanraya Umum soon. 

No matter what you stand for and for who you are supporting, 
This is one simple way to make your contribution to the country. 
If you really care about this country and everything we have now, 
Let us together make things work :) 
Every vote counts.

I may not know much about the politic issues that much, 
But I am hoping for the best for us, especially for people around me. 

Sebenarnya, excited first time nak mengundi.


The same post at this time of the year, New Year Resolutions!

Started out really bad
I quit my studies. 
I've wasted 4 years of my life for nothing.
Stayed home for 6 months doing nothing. 
Doing everything stupid I could think of. 
People lost their respects and I was ashamed to meet people myself.
Regretted everything I did in my life. 
I wished I could start over, from the starting point. 
Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me another chance 
to prove to everyone that I can change, 
And I slowly was and still trying as hard as I can. 
I left behind a lot of things, and even friends. 
I never lost my faith towards the One and Only, 
And I prayed for a better me, a second chance everyday.
Life is starting to turn better now, 
Grades are going up real high for me, Alhamdullilah
Grateful for having my family with me all the time. 
I found the best field I fit in the most. 
I now know how to organise my belongings, 
I can cook a few easy dishes
(Compared from before, I only cook Maggi)
I managed to lose 12kg
But maintaining it is NOT easy at all. 
Money-wise, everything is in control
Managed to pay some old debts I owed to the university. 
Accountancy somehow taught me to manage my spending
Overall, I can never thank you Allah more than ever. 
For having faith in me too, for believing that I can do it. 

I hope to be a better person from who I am today. 
A better Muslim to my religion, 
A better daughter to my Mama and Babah, 
A better sister to Sabrina, Sue and Amir, 
Through thick and thin.
Not forgetting, to always be loyal to my friends.
Maintaining my grades or go higher, Insya'Allah. 
I wanna experience graduation, Insya'Allah.
I hope I could get a getaway, a short holiday. 
With family or friends, I don't mind. 
I wanna do more voluntary work;
Continue volunteering for Zoo Negara,
Planning to sign up for Women Aid Organisation (WAO)
More outdoor activities;
Hiking, exploring and meeting new people. 
I am thinking of Broga Hill and Batu Caves. 
(Quite achievable eh?)
I need to build up my self-esteem and confidence;
I hope joining WAO will somehow help.
Be friendlier to the environment, 
The usual stuffs; eco bags minus plastic bags.
Save more, buy less.
A watch, a perfume and a digital camera!
I hope I can earn money too, 
Maybe a small business thing I can do. 
But, I need to plan more on this. 

What's yours? 
Let's share. 

I can plan a gazillion things to achieve in a year time, 
But at the end, it all depends on Allah's will. 

This is pretty amazing!

Something which I think is pretty awesome!
A very good piece of art for a home decoration, eh? 


Zoo Volunteering Part II

As planned, me and a few friends went to Zoo Negara to volunteer. Last Monday, we woke up and got ready as early as 6am because we were not really sure how to get there. I packed some tuna sandwiches in case we got hungry, and surprisingly we finished half of them during breakfast! 
Everything was awesome, in fact it way way better than my first experience volunteering! Syira and I was in charged to clean and feed the monkeys and hippos! Boy, I was shocked when they first put me there, because I was afraid the monkeys would be too fierce and aggressive. Turned out they were not as bad as I expected! I fed them bananas, papayas and some vegetables. 

The hippos were sooooo cute! I was never that near with a hippo. The male hippo named Yop weighs over 3 tonnes and he eats a lot! They were sooooo cute! I swear I felt like hugging them! The zookeepers who supervised us were very friendly and nice. I got Pakcik Che Hassan and he was very very helpful and kind. The others were great as well.

During our lunch break, we (Me, Syira, Najla and Farah) walked around the zoo. Hell, it was very tiring and we did not get any good food over there. Luckily, we still had some sandwiches left. 

It was an awesome experience, and I can't wait to go there again. :)

Is WISHING "Merry Christmas" Haram in Islam?

Is it the season for us to be jolly?
I may be the typical girl who hums and sings to Christmas songs all year long, mainly because I find them amusing and cheerful. But today, a few minutes ago to be precised, I had the feeling to google this up on the net. Is it okay for us Muslims to do so, singing and saying and wishing and celebrating Christmas? 

I am not a person who has the right to say things about hukum and syarak, so I will just share with you some of my findings on the net. And I hope we can share our thoughts on this. Sharing is caring :) *lame* I've read a few forums and discussions on this topic, different people give different perceptions. 

Firstly, we need to know that Christmas is a celebration for the birth of Jesus, who is the son of God in the Christian religion. Having to know about the reason of the Christmas celebration, it is kinda obvious that this is religious festival, or is it not?

Here are the links if you wanna read them yourself, it's worth your time.
Say: He is Allah, the One and Only; Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
 He begetter not, nor is He begotten; and There is none like unto Him. 

 Allah is the Almighty, He has no sons and daughters. Allah is the one and only. According to Christianity, Jesus is the only begotten son of God. Since this is considered as the biggest abuse to Allah SWT and Islam.

Celebrating Christmas, it's clearly is Haram. 

"Merry Christmas"; some say it is Haram, as it is like we are congratulating them for their beliefs that God has a son. Some say it's okay as Christmas trees, Santa Claus and reindeer and also exchanging gifts are just customs to make a fun and enjoyable season for all. 

Haram, Kufur, Syrik. Who I am to claim the hukum to this. But, it is better to prevent from doing so right? 
Festivals are the matter of religion and beliefs, no matter how worldly the customs are. Living in a multi-racial country like ours, we need to know the best way to respect and tolerate with others. The way that is acceptable to our religion. As we know, we need to give respect in order to gain it from people.

Let's change our way of greeting and wishing our fellow friends, how about "Enjoy your holiday!"

Fron my readings, it is clear that it is not a good thing. It is not good if we wish a Christian "Merry Christmas". I do not dare to say it is Haram myself, because I believe it depends on our nawaitu (niat), and also our beliefs from the heart .

Proclaim, "Oh disbelievers!"; Neither do I worship what you worship; Nor do you worship Whom I worship;  And neither will I ever worship what you worship; 
Nor will you worship Whom I worship; For you is your religion, and for me is mine.



Blogger Challenge #7

Choose lyrics and why you choose them?

I'm gonna make a change, 
For once in my life, 
It's gonna feel real good,
Gonna make a difference, 
Gonna make it right.

This should be easy eyh? It's Man in the Mirror by the famous Michael Jackson :) Why I choose them? It is an everyday motivation for me. Easy and meaningful. He is a very inspirational person himself. My family and I are big fans of him, especially my aunty and my little brother! Fanatics. Can't blame them, he is a true superstar. His songs have deep meanings to them and every song makes a different impact on me. *bebelbebel*


Who are you in Ombak Rindu?

Today, I went to Alamanda because I was so bored. I didn't really know what to watch and since Ombak Rindu was almost starting so I went for it. Amazingly, it was not that bad at all. As Malay movies is stereotypically said to be not good choices to be watched in the cinema(most of them!) but it was worth my RM9. My friends said I should bring some tissues to the movie, and I did! If you're a big fan of Aaron Aziz, then this is a good movie for you to watch because he cries a lot in this movie. (But, he's hot so no harm 

Basically, it is a movie about a woman's battle to go through life and then her will to fight for her love. You can read the whole synopsis on EncikNakal's blog (I google, keluar nama dia). 

In this movie, I think the character that is the most similar to mine has to be Mila, played by Lisa Surihani. Why? Because she is so mad at how she is treated and how bad she is mad at Haris (Aaron Aziz) for not loving her back, she still can't let go. Because she loves him too much, she refuses to let him go or walk away from him. That's very much myself. 

And that's pretty much why I didn't managed to drop any tear because the movie was more about Izzah and Haris, not Mila. In the end, Mila let him go and moved on. Very much what I think I should do, but I am still waiting (?)

If you're not a big fan of Malay movies like me, this is worth your RM9!

Nak husband loving mcm ni boleh? Wujud ke?


Exam results are out!

Like I've stated in my previous posts around last week that I had my mid term examinations, and the marks are out!

Alhamdulillah, everything was A okay :) They were much better than what I expected (I expected to get very low :/) but, I managed to get highest for 2 out of 3 subjects! The other subject was conquered by my best friend in class! I still have a few chapters to finish before trials early next year. So, still need to struggle my way through! Let's hope for the best! :) 

I am not gonna let anything go against me this time, this is my promise to myself . 

I've made promises with December.

Me and December, we made promises. 


Wordless Wednesday!

Dota Vs Girlfriend, which one do you choose?

I found this, a 'good' sayings from the net;

"Girlfriend, there are plenty, Dota is one of it's kind in the world.
Girlfriend will leave you, Dota will not. 
Girlfriend gets angry when you do Dota
Dota does not get angry when you 'do' Girlfriend.
Girlfriend is high maintenance, Dota is not high maintenance.
If you find another girl, Girlfriend will get angry. 
If you find another hero, Dota will not get angry. 
If you leave Girlfriend, it will be hard to return to her. 
If you leave Dota, it will still always be there for you.

Girlfriend: Can Dota be romantic and sweet to you?
Dota: Can your Girlfriend give you triple pleasure with a triple kill?

Girlfriend: Can Dota complete a man?
Dota: Can a Girlfriend make a man like a God?

If you got owned in Dota, then the Girlfriend is the one to make you happy.
If you have a problem with Girlfriend, then Dota will make you happy."


That means that's mean, WTF?

It is one of the basic English stuffs we actually learn in primary school, when we were SEVEN. 
Don't get mixed up, and be influenced by bloody English-language-abusers with this simple tense.

Please differentiate these two:

That means - Itu/Ini bermakna

On the other hand, 

That's mean - Itu/Ini kejam/jahat

Please stop making stupid/unacceptable simple and silly mistakes. 
Because it is pretty pretty easy. 

Please take note!

Blogger Challenge #6

Your bestfriend(s).

My friends tell me I have quite a huge number of friends from all over the place. Maybe because I've shifted schools a lot during high school days. From Shah Alam, I went to JB, then back to Shah Alam to a different school. Then, off to Putrajaya then to Taiping. 5 schools to be precised :)

The best thing about it is that I have many close friends. Of course, people come and go. Friends do too. But, a few still stay along the way. And I can never thank more for having the most awesome buddies, more than I could ever imagine :) *asslickerstyle*


Accountants are boring? Break the stereotype!


You say, accountants are..
Extremely dull, devoid of all personality
Stereotypically, will wear grey suit, drive a grey car and have grey skin
Balding by 25 years of age 
Have repulsive coffee breath


My Childish Saturday!

Today, I am left alone at home. When I was supposed to be studying (boring!), I went to Alamanda and then to Cold Storage, and bought some childish dish for myself!
Spongebob Mac & Cheese!
Look, spongebob shapes!

Alphabet Pasta!

PMS Survival Tips, For Men.

FYI, PMS does exist.

P: Pre. M: Menstrual. S: Syndrome.
Days/Weeks before menstrual periods begin.

Part Monster Syndrome.
Pity Me Syndrome
Pain and Murder Syndrome

Basically, it is men's worst nightmare.

Periodic Table? Boring.

How about the Periodic Table of SWEARING? 

So kids, 
Learn your periodic table.

(Click on the picture for clearer view)

I Am Reviewed :) Thanks UjangJang

Thank you Ujang!
Atas tips2 yang diberi, akan diambil tidakan segera :)

p/s: Follower saya ada 7 orang kena tunjuk jugak ke?