Accountants are boring? Break the stereotype!


You say, accountants are..
Extremely dull, devoid of all personality
Stereotypically, will wear grey suit, drive a grey car and have grey skin
Balding by 25 years of age 
Have repulsive coffee breath
Spending a day with them can bring instant depression
Topics of conversation: House price, Football money (excluding women), holiday destinations
Have brains that are great at math but poor in creative thinking and art (NERD)
Some enjoy looking at tax returns
Have no spontaneity in them at all 
Stoop over a calculator tirelessly punching in sum after sum
Basically, accountant is an especially boring group of people.

I say, accountants are..
People who make more money than you ($$$)
Works with money a lot ($$$)
The main people in businesses ($$$)

Do you think accountants are born, or made?
I think they are made. The career itself builds the personality of an individual. The job itself makes an accountant not being able to socialise much with other people, thus creating the perceptions of accountants being introverts. But, are they really anti-social creatures? Some maybe are, but not much. Not all. Not me

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