Blogger Challenge #6

Your bestfriend(s).

My friends tell me I have quite a huge number of friends from all over the place. Maybe because I've shifted schools a lot during high school days. From Shah Alam, I went to JB, then back to Shah Alam to a different school. Then, off to Putrajaya then to Taiping. 5 schools to be precised :)

The best thing about it is that I have many close friends. Of course, people come and go. Friends do too. But, a few still stay along the way. And I can never thank more for having the most awesome buddies, more than I could ever imagine :) *asslickerstyle*

I can list quite a few of them, but I'm just gonna list down the Top5 on my list.

She can always be my other sister, or twin if I can. Fana is not judgemental at all, and that's the best part to be the friend of hers. And she may be one of the most considerable person I have ever met, she helps willingly during my down days. We have been besties since high school, and she's the best!
 BFF; Best Friends Forever. If you know me well you will know who my BFF is :) Best friends since 13 and going strong as always. She is like a sister and can be a mother too. She is the answer to any of my curiosity. She can be my encyclopedia :) Me and Id, we are totally two different people. different personalities and attitudes. But, I am allowed to say that we complete each others' lives. Sound cheesy, but it's true. Fights and arguments went huge enough when we didn't talk for months, but we managed to get everything back together. I basically grow up with her always by my side, and I hope we will always be like we have always been for 9 years!

Baby and Ateen come together in this post :p *ngelat* But, we are the three musketeers here in Shah Alam. We used to be so close that I miss them when it was only a day apart. Small meet ups are held for us to catch up stories. Gosh, I am speaking like an old lady. 

Gang gedik; Aino and Iefa. 
Gang gedik; Aini and Iefa
Gang gedik, that's what we were labelled at MRSM Taiping by the teachers and some kids. They may be very loud and outspoken (I was the shy shy one *ye ke?*) and they did whatever they like, but it's not like they were doing illegal stuffs. They were just plain extroverts. It was very comfortable having them around, compared to busy-body-schoolmates. Thanks to them, my dreadful boarding school days were much fun! And girls, I miss you very much! 

The reasons why they are up there are because they know the best and the worst of me, yet they stay. No matter how seldom I meet them, but the tightness of the friendship bond remains. As much as I can never see my future without them, I don't think I am myself without them ever too.

And, never judge a person from what you see from the outside because the real person may lay in the inside. My bestfriends may look like they are the wildest girls you find, but trust me they know how to appreciate a friendship more than anyone I know. Cheers!


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