Dota Vs Girlfriend, which one do you choose?

I found this, a 'good' sayings from the net;

"Girlfriend, there are plenty, Dota is one of it's kind in the world.
Girlfriend will leave you, Dota will not. 
Girlfriend gets angry when you do Dota
Dota does not get angry when you 'do' Girlfriend.
Girlfriend is high maintenance, Dota is not high maintenance.
If you find another girl, Girlfriend will get angry. 
If you find another hero, Dota will not get angry. 
If you leave Girlfriend, it will be hard to return to her. 
If you leave Dota, it will still always be there for you.

Girlfriend: Can Dota be romantic and sweet to you?
Dota: Can your Girlfriend give you triple pleasure with a triple kill?

Girlfriend: Can Dota complete a man?
Dota: Can a Girlfriend make a man like a God?

If you got owned in Dota, then the Girlfriend is the one to make you happy.
If you have a problem with Girlfriend, then Dota will make you happy."

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