My Childish Saturday!

Today, I am left alone at home. When I was supposed to be studying (boring!), I went to Alamanda and then to Cold Storage, and bought some childish dish for myself!
Spongebob Mac & Cheese!
Look, spongebob shapes!

Alphabet Pasta!

I made the alphabetti pasta first. Because I was excited to see how the alphabets look like! And here they are!

Go, go alphabets in the pan!

Sara in the pan!

Danial in the pan!

Sara and Danial in the pan!

Gaul gaul masak masak huruf :)

Tadaaaaa! My ABC pasta is ready, in my cute Snoopy bowl :)
Childish much?
That was my dinner :) It taste................ Not as good as I expected. But, it was a fun meal (more fun than watching TV all alone and dining boring meal alone)

I haven't made my Spongebob Mac&Cheese yet, so stay tuned!
I bet it will be waaaaaaaaaay cuter than this!

(I've opened the box, it is damn cute you gotta trust me. Sadly, I didnt snap any picture)


mas saari said...

salam perkenalan dari blog ujang!

menarik pasta ni, sesuai utk anak2..

Sara Amelia said...

Hihi, selamat berkawan :)

Haha, untuk mak bapak kakak abang yang nak jadi anak2 pun boleh :)