The same post at this time of the year, New Year Resolutions!

Started out really bad
I quit my studies. 
I've wasted 4 years of my life for nothing.
Stayed home for 6 months doing nothing. 
Doing everything stupid I could think of. 
People lost their respects and I was ashamed to meet people myself.
Regretted everything I did in my life. 
I wished I could start over, from the starting point. 
Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me another chance 
to prove to everyone that I can change, 
And I slowly was and still trying as hard as I can. 
I left behind a lot of things, and even friends. 
I never lost my faith towards the One and Only, 
And I prayed for a better me, a second chance everyday.
Life is starting to turn better now, 
Grades are going up real high for me, Alhamdullilah
Grateful for having my family with me all the time. 
I found the best field I fit in the most. 
I now know how to organise my belongings, 
I can cook a few easy dishes
(Compared from before, I only cook Maggi)
I managed to lose 12kg
But maintaining it is NOT easy at all. 
Money-wise, everything is in control
Managed to pay some old debts I owed to the university. 
Accountancy somehow taught me to manage my spending
Overall, I can never thank you Allah more than ever. 
For having faith in me too, for believing that I can do it. 

I hope to be a better person from who I am today. 
A better Muslim to my religion, 
A better daughter to my Mama and Babah, 
A better sister to Sabrina, Sue and Amir, 
Through thick and thin.
Not forgetting, to always be loyal to my friends.
Maintaining my grades or go higher, Insya'Allah. 
I wanna experience graduation, Insya'Allah.
I hope I could get a getaway, a short holiday. 
With family or friends, I don't mind. 
I wanna do more voluntary work;
Continue volunteering for Zoo Negara,
Planning to sign up for Women Aid Organisation (WAO)
More outdoor activities;
Hiking, exploring and meeting new people. 
I am thinking of Broga Hill and Batu Caves. 
(Quite achievable eh?)
I need to build up my self-esteem and confidence;
I hope joining WAO will somehow help.
Be friendlier to the environment, 
The usual stuffs; eco bags minus plastic bags.
Save more, buy less.
A watch, a perfume and a digital camera!
I hope I can earn money too, 
Maybe a small business thing I can do. 
But, I need to plan more on this. 

What's yours? 
Let's share. 

I can plan a gazillion things to achieve in a year time, 
But at the end, it all depends on Allah's will. 


ezzu said...

gudluck...insyaAllah u can do it what u want...hope next year better than before year...hehehe

Ayu Na said...

Alhamdullilah..we all have our ups and downs in life..always keep faith in Him..you'll have a better life.

I do hope the same thing too. :)

chEntA said...

semoga apa yang diingi pada 2012 akn dicapai..all da best dear..

p/s:kalau dtg batu cves bgtaw la..mn taw kot bleh join..heee..=)

Sara Amelia said...

Thanks semua :) Insya'Allah!