VOTE, a way to voice your opinions.

Dengan bangganya, saya telah disahkan sebagai seorang pengundi untuk Pilihanraya yang akan datang!

Kalau korang dah daftar, sila check tempat mengundi
anda di website SPR :)
Are you a responsible citizen of this country? 
If you're answer is yes (or yup/yea/ya/yuppie, etc.),
Then please participate in the Pillihanraya Umum soon. 

No matter what you stand for and for who you are supporting, 
This is one simple way to make your contribution to the country. 
If you really care about this country and everything we have now, 
Let us together make things work :) 
Every vote counts.

I may not know much about the politic issues that much, 
But I am hoping for the best for us, especially for people around me. 

Sebenarnya, excited first time nak mengundi.

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"thecoolnoob" said...

Dah besarrr. congrate! :) hihihi