Who are you in Ombak Rindu?

Today, I went to Alamanda because I was so bored. I didn't really know what to watch and since Ombak Rindu was almost starting so I went for it. Amazingly, it was not that bad at all. As Malay movies is stereotypically said to be not good choices to be watched in the cinema(most of them!) but it was worth my RM9. My friends said I should bring some tissues to the movie, and I did! If you're a big fan of Aaron Aziz, then this is a good movie for you to watch because he cries a lot in this movie. (But, he's hot so no harm 

Basically, it is a movie about a woman's battle to go through life and then her will to fight for her love. You can read the whole synopsis on EncikNakal's blog (I google, keluar nama dia). 

In this movie, I think the character that is the most similar to mine has to be Mila, played by Lisa Surihani. Why? Because she is so mad at how she is treated and how bad she is mad at Haris (Aaron Aziz) for not loving her back, she still can't let go. Because she loves him too much, she refuses to let him go or walk away from him. That's very much myself. 

And that's pretty much why I didn't managed to drop any tear because the movie was more about Izzah and Haris, not Mila. In the end, Mila let him go and moved on. Very much what I think I should do, but I am still waiting (?)

If you're not a big fan of Malay movies like me, this is worth your RM9!

Nak husband loving mcm ni boleh? Wujud ke?

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