You don't need to be creative to do creative stuffs :)

I was browsing thru the net, as always. And today, I came across some pretty nasty stuffs, pretty pretty awesome stuffs you can do yourself (DIY!). I have always love DIY stuffs, even though some didn't turned out so good. This are some things I think worth to be shared with everyone. I haven't tried them yet but will soon, when I have the time to do so!

1. Crayon Melting
Wicked stuff right? Looks pretty easy to me. Another way to make decorations for your room, also for greeting cards etc :) This is how you do it:

2. Pin-hole art!
Very easy right? Just pin some holes on a paper and make anything you want, 
Try to follow this picture and see if it turns out as pretty as this! :)
(p/s: I have this thing with small dots like this, it's like a mini phobia. So, I am closing the picture with my hand when I am typing this)

3. Make them frames go BLINGBLING
Sizzle up your room/house/gifts with this easy art :) 
Wooden frames are boring, they're for old people :P
I am totally gonna try this for my room!

4. Lace Up Your Living Room

The trick is to use a balloon! :) 
I told Mum I wanna try this, but she's on the dangling chandelier team.
You can make a candle pot, and a pretty ceiling light!
 Or anything that's round, emmm a potpourri case? 

5. Little Cute Tulle Pompoms
Tulle is pretty easy to find, this fabric which is usually use to make ballet tutu skirts.
Kamdar has them, and there are a wide variation of colours you can choose from!
This can be a cheap party decorations!
You don't need to buy expensive party decors from the party shop anymore.
Hang them in your room, they make perfect room decors.
Pretty doable eyh? You don't need to be gifted to do these :P
I have more, and I will share with you soon! 


Si Biskut Rangup said...

ewh...very nice la kan...t nak buat la yg cucuk kertas tue...;)

hana luvlyness said...

wahh ! best entry ! love it very much.. <3

Sara Amelia said...

Haha thank you, jom cuba!