Zoo Volunteering Part II

As planned, me and a few friends went to Zoo Negara to volunteer. Last Monday, we woke up and got ready as early as 6am because we were not really sure how to get there. I packed some tuna sandwiches in case we got hungry, and surprisingly we finished half of them during breakfast! 
Everything was awesome, in fact it way way better than my first experience volunteering! Syira and I was in charged to clean and feed the monkeys and hippos! Boy, I was shocked when they first put me there, because I was afraid the monkeys would be too fierce and aggressive. Turned out they were not as bad as I expected! I fed them bananas, papayas and some vegetables. 

The hippos were sooooo cute! I was never that near with a hippo. The male hippo named Yop weighs over 3 tonnes and he eats a lot! They were sooooo cute! I swear I felt like hugging them! The zookeepers who supervised us were very friendly and nice. I got Pakcik Che Hassan and he was very very helpful and kind. The others were great as well.

During our lunch break, we (Me, Syira, Najla and Farah) walked around the zoo. Hell, it was very tiring and we did not get any good food over there. Luckily, we still had some sandwiches left. 

It was an awesome experience, and I can't wait to go there again. :)

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