For those who read my tweets right now, you know that is an "ENTRI MENGUNDANG".

Rasa annoyed dan irritated dengan surroundings di mana saya akan dikatakan perasan bagus atau mulut jahat sekiranya saya bersuara atau melakukan sebarang tindakan. Jadi, saya tulis lah kat sini.


If you're living in a community (i.e living with other people in a same place, for instance in a COLLEGE HOSTEL) please please please please take a good care and be concern with your body smell. When you're already in colleges, you're supposed to be aware of this matter but not to SOME. Unlucky me, I am stuck with one who I refuse to let you know (but you may know from my tweets). 

When your body smell, people will hate you. You'll make people talk bad things about you behind your back. Or in my case, bad talks are happening in my mind right now. As i say people, I really mean EVERYBODY! Your friends, your family, random human beings walking beside you, strangers sitting beside you in the bus, Abang Koop, your lecturers, the toilet cleaners, and not forgetting your roommates. EVERYBODY. Even when your own body smells like a rotten egg, you'll hate the bad smell coming from other people around you; your family, your friends, random human being walking beside you. Don't make me repeat the same sentence again. 

Not to mention, even the religion and Prophet Muhammad SAW himself like and encourage us to smell good. Come on, it's not that hard. Right? You wouldn't wanna do your prayers with smelly armpits? 

Scrub your body while bathing. 
Wash and CHANGE your clothes as often as possible.
Trust me, deodorant helps.
Wear normal boring clothes, I mean cotton! 
Eliminate onions, garlic and curry and also spices from your daily food.
When I say hang, I mean hanging it with a hanger, at least. 
A hook is created for you to hang a hanger which is made for you to hang your towel. 
So, please don't skip the steps. 
Towel --> Hanger --> Hook
And please, don't fold your towel when it's still damp/wet.
(Even my little brother know that, me writing this makes myself look like an idiot)
Change your socks!
They sell cheap socks for good reasons, like so you can change them regularly.
Change your tudung! Or at least hang them so they don't smell.
And windows are invented and built for air ventilation purposes.

The basics. 
Urghh, come on. You made me to do this shi*. If you see me getting ready for class or how long I take to cover every inch of my body with Carrie Junior talc powder, THAT IS HOW MUCH I DON'T WANT MYSELF TO SMELL BAD. And that is just as much as I hate people with BO. Facing the reality that I am stuck with one everyday, makes it the biggest challenge from God to myself. 

That's why people say hygiene is very important. HYGIENE. 
I'm out of words, I'm too mad right now. 

Don't blame me if I spray air fresheners to your face. I don't talk to you, really means that I don't like you. 

GOD, PLEASE HELP ME. I'm suffocating. 

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