My plans for my 20days of holidays

I will be having a 20 days of free days starting tomorrow, after my last paper. Instead of studying, here I am making this list of things I would love to do + things I have to do during the 20 days. (And things I should not do).

Things I have to do:
Ready all stuffs for next semester;
Pens, etc. 
(Just make sure everything is ready)
Exercise and work out;
(It's the only time I actually have to get back in 'shape')
And perhaps some gym sessions with Mokmok
Develop my plans for me Project XX 
aka more cash inwards
Eat sayur and buah a lot. 
In order to lose a few pounds 
which I have gained during these few months.

Things I would love to do:
Go kayak with family 
(Or just little brother)
Basically, spend more time with family;
A short getaway (?)
I really hope so,
But I'm not putting high hopes on that 
Cook cook cook;
Spaghetti goreng :3

Things I SHOULDN'T be doing:
I am in a state where I can't spend at all.
I need to pay for the bloody phone bill. 
Eat more than one meal a day. 
(eg: Eat spaghetti goreng one time a day)

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