A start of something new.

Everything happens for a very special reason. I will always believe that God has better plans for us, you and me and everyone. This time, I choose to stand tall. I choose to look at the brightest sides of things. I may lose someone, but I still have a bunch of beings who still love me for who I am. My family and friends. And most of all, I appreciate myself for everything I do and I am not gonna let myself down. I also choose to keep myself busy, mostly to improve myself; physically, mentally, cash flows (inwards, I hope), and relationships with God and the closest ones. And not forgetting, my studies. More over, I choose to not blame anyone for what has happened. Not even myself. Maybe it's not the best way to look at things, but that's what I chose to do and see things. I am not gonna let this distract me from my days and never affect my future, insya Allah. I choose to look at things in the future, than looking back at the past like what I've been doing all these while. It's not bringing me anywhere. But, everything sure left a scar or two on my life. But nothing that I regret. I am not a saint, but I hope its not too late for me to try be the best being I can be. 

I'm having my final paper for the semester tomorrow. And then, I'll be having a 20days break of holidays which I wish not to waste em for nothing (like my previous holidays when I decided I would just lie down and watch TV, so not productive at all). And I promise myself, to blog more :) Just as reminders to myself. 

I'm okay. In fact, I'm stronger than I have ever been. I am positive I can walk tall even without having you by my side. 
See, told you I'm doing good.

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