New Semesterrr!

This will be a very short update!

Holidays are finally over and I am now in a brand new semester, final semester for CAT. Insya Allah. I'm back in Shah Alam and tidied up my room from all the nasty habuk and dirt everywhere! I registered at the faculty yesterday and thank God everything went well. The head of program told me to keep doing what I am doing and score the last two papers, that lifted up my confidence in some ways. I promised myself to stay focus this semester as last semester was a total disaster, which resulted the dreadful exam results. Here I am, back in the game. With a new game face on :)

Game face yang tak berapa nak ketat.
  • Sleep by 12am
  • Wake up at 630am
  • Bath times are at 630am and 9pm, and another one somewhere in between
  • Bed can only be used during bedtime
  • Build the perfect relationship with the study desk
  • Say byebye to Sims 3 (+ movie marathons and Plants vs Zombies)
  • Make use of the dumbbell more
  • Less Maggi feasts
  • Cut down caffeine intake, plus whatever energy drinks
  • No more going home every week, maybe once a month (?) 
Just about 3.5 months to go, Sara. 

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