I have been missing from Blogger for quite some time and I am sorry (ceceh,). I was reading a friend's blog and suddenly the urge to write came in a split second. I might as well start writing now, before this feeling runs off again :p

I was reading through my own blog right before I was writing this. At first, I thought of deleting this blog and start a new one, AGAIN. But on second thought, I decided to just delete whatever posts that were inappropriate and continuing with this one :) 

As you may (or may not) know, I changed. InshaAllah, I am striving to be the a lady with passion towards my religion :) I am still fighting everyday, and will always be as long as I live. IF you are reading this post, all I can ask for is to pray and make doa for me for Allah to forgive me and help me become who I am supposed to be.

As much as I desire to change, I am still ME :)

  • I finished my CAT, alhamdulillah :)
  • Now pursuing with ACCA and with God's will I will finish by the end of 2014
  • I'm still in my old room in UiTM (surprisingly!)
  • I still spend a lot of time on the computer
From now, I hope to share more thoughts with everybody, especially thoughts and sharing on Islam and the best way of life, inshaAllah. And with His will, if He lets me I hope to share my own journey to be a better Muslimah (stories I have never spoken before, if I am ready!)

I was never this happy and calm. I guess my rebellious 'phase of life' is over. 
Shawal; The loves of my life.

We do it the '5days of MC' style B)

Baby brother.

Oh, and I've gained weight, A LOT.

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