Twins of Faith 2012, from MY Point of View

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah :)

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in the Twins Of Faith 2012, alhamdulillah :) Iwas first introduced to this conference during the Being Me conference which I attended a few months ago. It was held in PICC so I figured it was easy for me to go, which Mama sent me and fetch me when it was over for the day. 
On the first day I registered at about 9.15am and I was given a wrist tag, the same one that you wear when you are admitted at the hospital. And one thing that strikes my mind is that you are admitted at the hospital in order to get better, then they will let you leave. 
My wrist tag!
to Twins of Faith, at the end of the day, inshaAllah we will be better than who we were before the two days of the conference :) Right? With Allah's will. 
I learnt so much from the conference which inshaAllah I hope I can blog about them. Learning from the last conference which I attended, I planned a few days earlier. I managed to get the program itinerary from the official website and so I managed to plan my time on which talk/workshop I should attend. 

I managed to attend most of the workshops which discussed about various topics; Sunnah diet, purifying the heart and mind, and also a talk on Ru'yah. My favourite was the one that I joined in the Marriage Corner, which was My Big Fat Sunnah Wedding :) 

Shopping? Mestilah :) But I was more interested in the small things. Bookmarks and little posters :) I bought some dakwah cards which I am planning to keep them to my own as reminders to myself :) 

These are the small posters I got from owhsomuslim.com :)
Pictures? I can never remember to take pictures. Tried to google some pictures but nothing caught my eye. (Tulah, lupa lagi kan? Padan muka). 

One of my favourite montage from the whole conference :)

I hope to write about what I learn soon. Stay tuned :)