One way to use your BB1M with MPHOnline!


My title sounds like an advertisement, but I am not paid to do this :P

I have found out recently that you can purchase books ONLINE from MPHOnline using your BB1M! (BB1M is Baucer Buku 1Malaysia, RM250 for this year! Wuhuu). 

I was browsing for books online (Not school books, astaghfirullah) -.-" and came across MPHOnline. 

A printed screen from mphonline
After choosing your desired books and putting them on the shopping cart, you need to choose your method of payment. And you will see an option to pay with your BB1M. 

And then you will need to enter your voucher numbers
*You will need to buy a minimum of RM100

If the amount is more than RM100, (say, RM105) you can pay the balance of RM5 when the Poslaju man comes! Poslaju will deliver your books and you have to give the vouchers to the man :) 


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izyan said...

thanks for the info, sara! :)