About Me

What you see is what you get. I am nothing different from the norm; I write, I sleep, I smile and I cry. But, I may write in a different way, sleep in the opposite side, and I smile with one eye. 

I was born as a fish, I was born to swim through the current. I am the best example of a true Pisces as I match all the traits of a true swimmer. 

I write craps. 
I normally write whatever that comes through my mind at the moment. Sometimes, I am here to let go of bad thoughts and feelings inside my head. 
But I do share some thoughts and ideas too, when I have some. 

I was raised to be a strong soldier of my own heart. Nobody knows you like your own self. 

So, please drop off some comments and let's share them with the world :)

Let's share thoughts and ideas of life with me.
Let's be friends.

E : sararaslan@live.com
I : @sararaslan
T : @sararamelia

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